True Story

Me Before & After

Who I am 

I am an over 50 U.S. Army veteran certified in Personal Fitness and Fitness Nutrition Coaching. I personally battle with type 2 diabetes and I am winning, in spite of my service connected disabilities.    



Like most men, I was told by my doctor over a decade ago that I was prediabetic.  And like most men, I ignored him and continued the very habits that led to my prediabetic state.  Imagine my surprise when I was hospitalized 5 years ago with a blood glucose level over 900 mg/dl and an A1C at 13.   


My Battle with Diabetes 

Laying in the hospital, I decided I would do everything the doctor had told me to prevent my current predicament and fix what I had done.  I just didn’t understand how difficult it was going to be.  I spent hours and hours searching the internet, reading articles, watching videos, and trying every quick fix, 14 Day diet and exercise plan I could find.  After hours of exercise daily and more diet variations than I could possibly name, I managed to go from insulin to Metformin and lowered my A1C a few points.  Over the next 3 years, I learned how hard it was to maintain that improvement and my weight fluctuated up and down while my symptoms went from bad to worse. I was at my wits end! 


The Turning Point 

While listening to my doctor’s interpretation of my latest lab results, he uttered two words that got my attention, fatty liver. Poor liver function was contributing my insulin resistance and my blood sugar irregularities. Finally, after years of struggling to manage my diabetes, I had identified the target.  I focused my research on learning everything I could about a fatty liver, insulin resistance, and how to reverse the condition.  After a month of sifting through all the information Google and YouTube had to offer, I formulated a way to decrease my diabetic symptoms, heal my liver, reduce my risk of chronic disease, lower my A1C to 5.1, and come off of all prescription medications. How? Diet and exercise.



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